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[24 Jun 2018|07:15pm]


i promise y'all i'm trying to get her done. it's been super slow so i thought i'd do this again to help get some other lines and just help get some inspiration to finish the damn thing. this is alina packard aka your girl thunder. she was born in new orleans in 1985 and was there until she was eight years old when her dad was shot in the line of duty and he was relocated to nyc for his safety. her mom is a trauma surgeon who is super smart and she has a 25 year old sister. when she was a little girl she wanted to be just like her daddy and she told him she was going to be a police officer some day. after he was shot he put a stop to that line of thinking and she thought about what she wanted to do. her mom being in medicine seemed like a perfect fit and after she had a great first experience at the ob-gyn that was that. she came out to her parents when she was 16 years old, mom took it great, dad not so much. they had a strained relationship until she was 20 because he didn't understand. mom and dad are still in nyc and alyssa moved to boston to go to harvard medical school. in her spare time her hobbies include photography, shopping, going into schools to talk about sex education and mentoring and empowering young woman. she's got a very no-nonsense attitude. she's super friendly but she doesn't stand for hatred and isn't afraid to call you out on it. she's also stubborn as hell and likes to be in charge of every situation possible. she also donates a portion of her salary back to planned parenthood so those who can't afford health insurance can still reap the services provided.

so far i have a cousin in [info]prodigy, an ex girlfriend turned friend in [info]violetlight, she met [info]rains through mentoring, she's [info]themyscira and [info]watersheds doctor, she's friendly with [info]caped,[info]steelcuffs, [info]cloned, [info]intuitivism, [info]singe, and i still need to figure shit out with [info]metagenes. she could use some more exes, friends, ladies she sees for their yearly checkup, ladies who like to do wine nights, superhero connections, flings, anyone she could know from nyc or new orleans.
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[24 Jun 2018|12:20am]


Alright! Now that I have sorted out what, if anything, would change about this guy, here is the proper post. There here is Joseph Warren III (formerly known as ~grafts), also known as Angel, Archangel, Murderbird, so on and so forth. 32 years old, born and raised with a silver spoon in his mouth in Manhattan to a prominent Air Force-aligned family who have owned and operated Warren Aviation (similar to Lockheed-Martin's air defense division primarily) for generations upon generations, back and back down the family line, not unlike his comicverse counterpart. He's a former Air Force fighter pilot for the better part of ten years until 2014 when he (reluctantly) took over the company and moved to Boston to settle. As per the fun of ~lineart, he has on-and-off again been shifting and has been in a ton of crazy situations which he will remember plenty of details of given his former status as one of the unveiled, but given his month and then some break, he is starting out fresh on the incentive front! With that comes Joseph stepping down as active CEO (though keeping a primary stock holding because, pft, money~) and a month long stay away from Boston--where, I have no idea--which he'll be returning from.

Line-wise, if everyone I had ones with wants to keep them, he is good friends with and employed [info]rains and [info]wolfshift at Warren Aviation (and possibly [info]slinger as an intern), friends and former Air Force mentee of [info]tsume, friends with [info]novastar and [info]cheonjae, and probably a few more I may be missing; but all that said, I would love to line him back up again! Friends, distant relatives, exes or dates he might have had at some point or another, travel buddies since he does quite a bit of it, any other odds n' ends we can pull together. I'm more than happy to brainstorm with anyone!
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[23 Jun 2018|07:48pm]


hi loves! now that i have time to devote to a character i am returning with a brand new everything. so let me introduce you to talia oshima aka katana. she is a bi-country raised native, spent a lot of her childhood in boston until her mother's death when her father took her back to japan to keep her safe. her dad was a shady mofo. then when she was around 13 he brought her back to boston, shoved her away in a private school and continued to work in his shady dealings. as a teen talia had some major authority issues, got into fights in school, nearly got kicked out a few times, and wanted to follow in her father's footsteps. he wanted her to be a doctor or lawyer. she ended up enlisting in the marines without telling him, surviving basic barely and getting kicked out of job training for basically being an insubordinate asshole. returned home, ended up truly going to work for her father (who to be fair was legally an arms dealer as well as an illegal one who was high ranking in the yakuza and handled the east coast portion) good times! anyway, she thrived in the job, and looked forward to building the business even higher. her father was killed when she was around 23, she knew it wasn't a routine accident and spent a year hunting down the person who murdered him. they are no longer a problem. she still works for the same business her father built for her and it thrives. however, she's looking at a side business with [info]brutal did we decide they are doing it? or are we waiting? I CAN'T REMEMBER!

personality-wise, she's extremely business savvy, doesn't take bullshit but is great at being a chameleon. her father drilled into her the japanese honor, and she lives by it. she wouldn't have killed the guy had he not killed her father first. she won't lie to her friends about important things, and the fact she's legally an arms dealer, she doesn't see it as lying if she leaves out the illegal side. she hates being treated like she's fragile, because she's small and a girl. she still has anger issues, and hates being told what to do, unless the person has earned that trust.

she needs anything and everything. suicide squad things would be amazing!
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[23 Jun 2018|04:50pm]


happy weekend! i'm here to introduce you to hallie burton, a little lady who will soon find out her other half is huntress. she was born and raised in boston, however her parents died in a tragic car accident when she was 13. she was thrust into the foster system where she jumped from group home to group home, learning her own moral code and sensibilities along the way. she became fiercely independent-probably moreso than was healthy- and worked every odd job she could get, scraping money together to start her life over. at 21, she started bartending, then used that money to go to night school. about a year ago she got her degree in english teaching, and now teaches at a tbd high school. she's a brand spanking new teacher, who is way excited for the new chapter in her life, but also way terrified she's gonna accidentally say "fuck" in front of the kids.

for lines, she needs close friends she's known since childhood, people she met in foster car, old drunks who used to frequent the dive bar where she worked, a neighbor in a new area of town that's nicer than the pit she used to live in, an exboyfriend who couldn't handle her constant distance, a best female friend who has learned to read her particular brand of sarcasm, fellow catholics who go to church with her, etc. also if you have a vote on alicia vikander vs alyssa miller, i'm happy to hear it!
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[22 Jun 2018|01:38pm]


hello everyone! i'm getting ready to apply davina kaiser (call her by her first name, laurel, and she might kill you) aka polaris. she a 25-year-old boston native who's two years out of grad school (mit) and working as a seismologist. her parents were killed in a car accident in 2008, so she was taken in by her uncle, [info]magnets, who was always a role model of hers. she only lived with her uncle for a few years, but he became more of a father to her in that time than her own ever was. she's a little reserved and slow to trust because of her difficult childhood, but she's friendly to those who have the patience to get to know her. she's something of a science nerd too. her bio is here should you feel inclined to read it.

i could use so many things for her, like childhood friends, fellow mit students/alum, an ex or two, people who had the patience to get to know her, and maybe even a therapist if someone is willing. she's obviously the cousin of [info]conjuration and [info]racer (but i was told the latter doesn't know that yet). i remember discussing other lines with folks in ~pbads but am not sure anything was ever decided with those, so please hit me up/call me out for not acknowledging those. i am open to filling any lines you folks might need too.
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[20 Jun 2018|03:48pm]


it has been fourscore and seven years since i've done this, but here i am! this son of a bitch has been around a couple of times, but for those of you who don't know who he is, this is sebastien lebeau. except sebastien lebeau is dead, so anyone who meets him now is gonna know him as remy boudreaux. he was the owner of the queen of hearts, a very prominent strip club in boston, and he's dealt with some shady dealings in the past. he's [info]absorb's baby daddy too. he's a new orleans boy, but he's been living in quebec for the past couple of months so now he's practically an honorary canadian. i'd love to reconnect with any old lines he might have had and build a couple of new ones. he's been in and out of boston for a long time, so they can go back pretty far. i'm down for all kinds of brainstorming, he's getting his life back together so that is kind of a pain in the ass but let's come up with stuff and things.
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[15 Jun 2018|08:58pm]


hello good people of [info]lineart. now that i have finished his bio, because i think i do things semi backwards or something, let me introduce you to ben wayne aka bruce wayne. ben here is a retired army doctor who works in the er at mass general, because who doesn't want to get off the battlefield and go to a trauma one hospital? apparently he's a glutton for punishment. anywhoo, he's originally from nyc where he knows [info]toxickiss and [info]cloned from. he's got some military buddies in [info]aquatrident and [info]tactician, and a few other people he knows that i think i am missing. I APOLOGIZE TO YOU. he also has an relatively casual ex in [info]occultisim, they're still buds.

personality wise, if you ask [info]cloned he's got a hero complex (cos isn't wrong!) and has a strong driving need to save lives. this steams from his parents death that he still kind of blames himself for. he's always in the gym, kickboxes for the sheer hell of it and runs like it's what keeps him alive. both of these are things that helped him cope with the things he saw in the army as well as transitioning back to civilian life.

in cv he's a retired batman. he's still bruce, still knows what he was once upon a time, but isn't the bat.

so here is where i make my plea for all the things. anything and everything. friends, people he's known through his different places he's lived, exes from the last 15ish years. whatever works! also cv connections would be stellar!
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[13 Jun 2018|09:24am]



happy humpday lineart! i am still rounding out her facts/bio but wanted to throw this up in the mean time (and to hopefully help add some meat to 'dem bones). introducing bryce de la rosa, otherwise known as DC's fire. a model turned food truck owner, she's lived in boston for about 4/5 years now and has owned her plant based truck "green fury" for just over 2. despite her past as a model she is surprisingly reserved upon first meeting but once comfortable flourishes into a sarcastic little fire cracker who values the bluntest of truths. originally from baltimore, she's also lived in paris, new york and beverly hills before making her way to boston (hoping to find an ice to fill the line of bestie who inspired her to move here). a low key hipster, she's into social media, food, art, music, craft beer and rooting on her home teams even though they've been sucking hard the last few years. she's a daddy's girl through and through and still struggles with a strained relationship with her mother (the pressure to settle down and pop out babies is getting all too real) which keeps her from heading home as often as she'd like.

in terms of lines - she has friends in [info]bugs and [info]booster but could use almost everything else! neighbors, an initial roommate she lived with upon first moving to boston, an ex or past dates, more friends (especially gal pals), patrons of her truck, a future partner for a brick and mortar patisserie, other people in the hospitality industry to help support, people she knew from her modeling days, anything!

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[12 Jun 2018|04:25pm]


hey, lineart folks, this here is monique williams aka mj watson. monique is 25, and semi-native to boston, she moved here just before she started high school. she was the neighbor to [info]slinger and the two dated the last two years of hs as well as during her brief run at college (she didn't make it past 2 years). so if anyone knows noah from back in the day then they'll know this gal, too.

monique is the middle of 3, so she went down the rebellious party girl track in her teen years in an attempt to get attention. she also found a love for music at a young age and has used singing/writing songs/playing (and learning) instruments as an escapism and coping method. so after some ups and downs in her late teens/early twenties, she is fully focused on pursuing a music career. she's been in a handful of bands throughout the years, and currently she has a duo act called not your damsel that does acoustic indie-ish kind of music. she also has a full band that she sings lead vocals for, so if anyone wants to get in on an r&b jazzy vibin' band, come my way. otherwise, she works as a bartender at the nightclub whiskey saigon and the restaurant empire, so your characters could know her through that as well.

she's an extroverted, fun loving lady, so she's open to all kinds of lines! i know i'm currently working on some things with people on my pbads post, so let's keep that going strong. more people she'd know from her teenage/college days (she dropped out her sophomore year at bu), people she met during her world travels from summer of 2012 to summer of 2015 where she was couch surfing and busking on the streets, and/or people she's met/befriended/dated in the last 2 years. her bio is here if you want more details.
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[12 Jun 2018|12:21am]


tons of work left to do? hell yes, but i’m tossing her into the ring for lines while i hash out the finer things.

meet jessica cruz, also known as dr. joanna baker, a 33-year-old aurora, colorado native who relocated to south boston at age 10. following in the footsteps of her father, she practices as a veterinarian at the south boston animal hospital, residing in a three bedroom house in the same area of the city. happily married and a mother before she turned 21, jo had it all until an accident claimed the lives of the husband she adored and her 8-year-old son in 2012.

despite the loss that makes up her foundation (and a laundry list of issues, from anxiety to depression to ptsd), jo appears to be a success story in how to recover. she lives for her work, finds solace in protecting and saving what she can, and forces herself out of bed each morning, even on the hardest of days. as for lines and connections, she needs it all: co-workers, animal lovers, owners of her beloved patients, childhood friends, anyone with a law enforcement background that may have known her husband, people she would know from grief counseling, neighbors, an on/off fwb of the last couple of years, and if there’s anything she can do for you, bring it.
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